Fort Morgan Flounder Fishing

Fort Morgan Flounder Fishing

Fort Morgan Flounder Fishing is Fabulous Fun. That flat fish is one of the favorite targets Gulf Adventures Fishing. Flounder is a delicious fish with lots of flakey white meat and is welcomed on most tables on Fort Morgan.
Flounder are crafty, preferring to lie buried in the sand, waiting to ambush their meal. It takes the right bait, the right approach in the right spot at the right time to catch a flounder.

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Having fished the area all of my life I have the knowledge and the right stuff to catch flounder. Fort Morgan Flounder Fishing is rewarding. A delicious flounder stuffed with crabmeat may be one of the best dinners on the planet. fort morgan flounder

Fort Morgan Flounder
You can count on Gulf Adventures Fishing to put you on flounder when the seasons and conditions are right. I know where they like to hide out and know what baits are best to use to coax them into taking the bait.
Flounders around Fort Morgan are commonly called the Southern Flounder and their scientific name is Paralichthys lethostigma. Some of us call’em doormats. The Alabama Record for flounder was set in 1975 at 13 pounds 3 ounces. Trust me, that is a huge flounder. Flounder in the two pound range are perfect for eating.

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While we fish for Fort Morgan Flounder with rods, reels and hooks, it is common to see people wading at night, carrying bright lights in hopes of spotting a flounder and gigging it. It takes patience and skill to catch flounder either way. There are few things as disappointing as seeing a big flounder scoot out from under you as you are walking along looking for him.
Fort Morgan Flounder Fishing is one of the specialties of Gulf Adventure Fishing. I would love to take you fishing for this wonderful fish.
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Fort Morgan Flounder on a plate

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