Inshore Fishing Fort Morgan

Inshore Fishing Fort Morgan

Inshore fishing around Fort Morgan is popular with vacationers and locals alike. Inshore fishing allows for more time fishing and less time riding far offshore from reef to reef.

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Inshore fishing around Fort Morgan you may catch any number of delicious fish from one pound white trout to king mackerel and redfish weighing over thirty pounds.

You can’t talk about inshore fishing Fort Morgan without talking about redfish. Redfish are known by some as red drum, but the really big ones are called bull reds. Bull reds can approach 3 feet in length and weigh over 30 pounds. Smaller redfish are sometimes called rat reds. While the name might not be so appealing, these fish are perfect for eating. There are many ways to cook redfish, but the most famous dish is called blackened redfish. Cooked it an extremely hot skillet (600° F) with a special blend of spices until the fish is charred.

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Inshore fishing Fort Morgan can also bring a number of other tasty fish. Speckled trout (spotted sea trout) is favored by local both for their ferocious strike and their delicate white flesh. Many local fishermen target speckled trout almost exclusively and brag about their catch with their friends.

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Captain DeJuan Tedder has been leading inshore fishing trips out of Fort Morgan for more than 10 years. Captain Tedder is very familiar with the waters and the sandbars surrounding Fort Morgan. He knows the salt marshes, cuts, passes and holes that hold certain fish at different times of the year. He knows what baits work best when fishing Fort Morgan for certain fish.

Other fish often caught while inshore fishing around Fort Morgan include flounder, pompano, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, white trout, sheepshead and bluefish.

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