What to do on Fort Morgan

What to do on Fort Morgan?

If you are visiting Fort Morgan for the first time you might ask “What is there to do on Fort Morgan?” There are many answers….explore the military fort that lends its name to the area; hike the nature trails through maritime forests and sand dunes; spot many of the 370 bird species know to visit the area, or go on a fishing charter or dolphin cruise with Gulf Adventures Fishing. Members of your family will never forget the day spent catching fish or cruising along with dolphins at the side of the boat. Vacations are meant for memories and that is what Gulf Adventures Fishing provides…memories.

Fort Morgan is a beautiful peninsula set between the Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay. Sugar white beaches line the Gulf shoreline and much of the bay shore too. The beaches are un-crowded allowing you to truly relax.

Explore The Fort

The fort, Fort Morgan is wonderfully preserved, giving your family a chance to step back into history. The fort was first built as Fort Bowyer in 1813 and withstood a first attack by the British in 1814. The British were successful when they attacked and overtook Fort Bowyer in 1815 after being turned away in the Battle of New Orleans. The British relinquished the fort in shortly afterward having found out the war had ended with the 1914 Christmas Eve signing of the Treaty of Ghent.







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The fort was renamed Fort Morgan  and stood guard over the entrance to Mobile Bay as an American fort until a group of Alabama volunteers captures the fort January 3,1961, two months before Lincoln took the office of President and three months before the Confederates fired on Fort Sumpter. The well positioned and well armed fort protected Mobile for 3 1/2 years until Admiral David Farragut lead the Union Navy into Mobile Bay on August 5, 1865 while uttering the now famous phrase “Damn the torpedos. Full speed ahead!”

Fishing Charters and Dolphin Cruises

Gulf Adventures Fishing and Dolphin Cruises is another way to spend your time on the Fort Morgan Peninsula. Gulf Adventures Fishing specializes in catching redfish. The redfish (red drum) is an exciting, hard fighting game fish that can grow to over three feet long and weigh more than thirty pounds. Other fish commonly caught while fishing with Gulf Adventures Fishing include speckled trout, sheepshead, flounder, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel and red snapper. Our dolphin cruises will put you up close and personal, within ten feet, with Atlantic Bottlenosed Dolphins. These dolphins can be as large as twelve feet long and weigh over 1,000 pounds. The dolphins travel in pods, surfacing for air several times a minute. Your family will love the time they spend with Gulf Adventures Fishing and Dolphin Cruises.


Hike the Nature Trails through Maritime Forests

Spend Your Day Bird Watching

Inshore Fishing Charters for Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores





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