Alabama Red Snapper

fort morgan red snapper

Call 251-978-9711 to book a trip to catch Alabama Red Snapper. You will not be sorry you did. Alabama Red Snapper are a favorite of coastal residents because of the firm, flaky white meat they provide. Down home cooks and gourmet chef’s all have their special recipes, and none of them disappoint.

Alabama Red Snapper can be found just miles off the coast of Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores. Local fishermen and the Alabama Marine Resource Division have created thousands of artificial reefs that are teaming with red snapper and other great fish like grouper and amberjack. The reefs range from sunken Navy ships to tires and refrigerators. Captain Tedder has the GPS coordinates for hundreds of reefs that are holding fish, waiting for you and your family to pull them up. Here is a video taken at a reef made from the sunken Admiral Semmes Bridge about 15 miles offshore.


Gulf Adventures Fishing offers



1 – 2 people = $500
3 people = $550
4 people = $600
5 people = $650
6 people = $700 women with red snapper
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If you come to Fort Morgan or Gulf Shores and want to spend a great day catching Alabama Red Snapper, Call Captain Tedder


and rest assured you will be in safe hands while fishing for one of the Gulf’s favorite fish species.

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